o Series 6100.Anti-blue treatment (fungicide) on saw mill.

New technological solutions for the treatment of wood on sawmill.
Fungicide protectors for the preventive treatment of unseasoned wood on sawmill against blue fungus.
These are products for industrial use to be applied by way of spray, immersion or continuous bath.
The recommended dose for each product is obtained by way of effectiveness results obtained at approved laboratories. Notwithstanding, we recommend you consult our technical department as various factors must be considered.
1. Final purpose of the wood, pallets, food boxes, furniture etc.
2. Immersion time in the treatment bath.
3.Type of immersion in treatment bath.
4. Geographic area of the sawmill.
5. Time period that the wood suffers inclement weather.
6. State of the wood prior to treatment (dirtiness, dust, earth, sawdust).

The products of the Froschtal range are supplied concentrated and dilution in water shall be prepared in the treatment tank..

To promote the entry of the treatment mixture, it is recommended to submerge the wood packets totally furred (packed).
Once treated, the wood must be kept sheltered and in a ventilated area..

All our products of the Froschtal range are NOT submitted to the Reach standard as they are biocide products (BPD, group 8) and hence comply with the European biocide

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